AAE is hiring!

AAE is hiring!

tirsdag 27.06.23 Skrevet av Qingsheng Dong

The Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) wishes to recruit one or two senior actuaries/project managers with an established track record of managing actuarial projects with expertise in specific areas to support their committees.

Rather than expecting mastery in all subjects, the AAE recognizes the importance of specialized backgrounds suited to each committee's topic. The selected individual(s) will be responsible for managing and coordinating activities within the Solvency II working group, Artificial Intelligence / Data Science (AI-DS) Working Group, the Sustainability and Climate-Related Risks Working Group as well as to the IORP II Review Directive Task Force.

Suitable candidates should possess relevant experience, excellent project management and communication skills, and a good knowledge of the respective fields. Fluency in English with strong drafting skills is required, and the ability to represent AAE independently from industry interests will be taken into account.

Please find the job profile with the relevant details in the attachment.

Applications should be submitted by email before September 4, 2023, to the AAE Operations Manager, Monique Schuilenburg.


PS: The longer-term financing for these position(s) depends on decisions of AAE General Assembly for the fees 2025 and beyond.  This hiring is not predetermining any decision that the General Assembly may or may not take.