The European Actuary (Number 31 – September 2022)

The European Actuary (Number 31 – September 2022)

torsdag 01.09.22 Skrevet av Qingsheng Dong

The new issue of The European Actuary (Number 31 – September 2022) is now available and can be downloaded from the AAE website

The theme of this issue is: InsurTech

Featured Articles:

  • The future is innovation | Interview with Andreas Brandstetter
  • New prospects for actuaries  | by Gunn Albertsen and Giampaolo Crenca
  • An insight into diversity at AAE | by Mária Kamenárová
  • Climate and capital - some outstanding issues | by Marco Bardoscia, Benjamin Guin and Misa Tanaka
  • A natural history of risk | by Geoff Trickey
  • Convention A - an online conference for the actuarial community
  • Wearables | by Mark Farrell

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